Charlie Gocio

Account Executive

Charlie Gocio Sells Agency edited

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA! USA! USA!

Brand Experience: Experience Fayetteville, Arvest Bank, Arkansas Tech University, BlackJack Boats

Favorite food(s): I think the best foods fill you up, but don’t leave you feeling too full.

Favorite book(s): Where the Red Fern Grows instilled in me a lifelong love of books about early 20th Century Ozarks hillbilly culture, so I’m particularly partial to the writings of Vance Randolph and Donald Harington.

Favorite movie(s): The more warnings at the beginning — e.g. violence, adult language, etc.— the better in my book!

Favorite TV show(s): South Park

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing your current job?

Oooh, that’s tough. I’d probably be a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon or trust fund baby. It’s a toss up, but either way we’re having drinks with lunch!

What are you a big fan of that people wouldn’t necessarily guess that you’re a big fan of?

Street cred.

In a bank heist, what role would you play?

I’d play Darth Vader, because he wears a mask — can’t get caught if they don’t know who you are, silly!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Sorry, but only Jesus should have superpowers.

What celebrity would you absolutely HAVE to go up and say something to if you saw them out and about?

Pauly Shore

How closely are you connected to a famous person, and who is that person?

I’m a direct descendant of Robert Burns. Also, Cliff Lee was my microbiology lab partner in college.

You can only pick 2 out of 3 for the rest of your life: Taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or washing your clothes. Which do you pick?

Taking a shower and brushing my teeth; clothes are usually optional any way, right?

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t do that.