03.10.2017 Blog

Sells Agency Accepting Applications for 2017 Summer Interns

Attention current college juniors and seniors!  You’re a year, or less, away from graduation and that diploma is within the closest reach it has ever been!  We can assure you that the one question you can absolutely count on from prospective employers is, “What experience do you have?”  Experience?  I just graduated from college!

We’re here to help you CHANGE your answer.  Let’s add some experience to your resume through a summer internship at the Sells Agency!

We are currently accepting applications for two summer interns. One will work with our public relations team and the other will work with our creative team – a graphic design intern.  The deadline to submit your application, resume and three work samples is April 1.

Sells Agency Career Clarity Internship Program

The Sells Agency is a full-service marketing and public relations agency.  We work hard, have fun and we’ll give you exposure to every element of agency life, as well as letting you take part in it and get some of that much-needed ‘experience.’

Who knows, you could be working with us one day!  If you learn one thing from this industry, it’s a small, small world!