Sells Agency is a full-service marketing firm with a razor-like focus on achieving business success for our clients. Our office is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and we have clients across multiple states and different industries.

Are we an advertising agency? Yes we are, but with a focus on the marketing and business results of our advertising campaigns. While we recognize that great creative gets far better results than dull or average creative, we never forget that the goal of advertising is to achieve business goals, not win creative awards.

Are we a public relations firm? You bet. And our PR campaigns are consistently aligned with our clients’ business goals.

Are we a digital marketing agency? Yes. In fact, almost 50% of our clients’ media dollars currently flow through digital media channels – paid search, mobile geo-fencing campaigns, in-stream video buys, search retargeting, programmatic buying and social media channel buys. We also design and develop websites for clients.

Sells Agency also provides social media content marketing, research, package design, corporate identity and other services.

Our goal is to always help companies align their marketing programs with their business goals – we call it “Marketing Clarity”. If you’re unsure on what all that means, you’re not alone; we still have to explain it to our families every Thanksgiving.

One characteristic that makes us unique in our industry is our obsession with results. We care as much about getting, tracking and reporting those results as our clients. If you need proof, go check out some of our case studies.

You’ll also find we specialize in a core set of industries – including banking, tourism, hospitality, education and healthcare.

So if you’re in need of a marketing partner with a passion for helping your business achieve its business goals, give us a call today.