The Sells Agency staff took time recently to do some team-building at the city's new Dave & Buster’s. For those who don’t know, Dave & Buster’s is a chain that, like the Sells Agency, has its origins in Little Rock, Arkansas.


What has been, and for many in the tourism industry still remains, a riddle wrapped in an enigma, is the generation dubbed “millennials.” Tourism officials, who once scoffed at a generation for seemingly being glued to their cell phones, have quickly realized not only its buying power, but the fact that millennials are reshaping the industry whether they like it or not. 


Conway Regional Health System, one of the agency’s longest-term clients, created an “anthem” video to generate excitement among the hospital’s 1,300 employees.


The Sells Agency is proud to co-sponsor the 2nd Annual Arkansas Bankers Association Marketing Conference.


Last Friday, the Sells Agency took a field trip to Electric Ghost Screen Printing where we were able to experience the t-shirt creation process for ourselves.


One of the most exciting times in a parent’s life is the birth of their child, regardless of whether it’s their first baby or their fifth.  From the moment a newborn comes into the world, mom and dad want the best of everything for their child and that includes exceptional pediatric health care. 


Attention current college juniors and seniors!  You’re a year, or less, away from graduation and that diploma is within the closest reach it has ever been!  We can assure you that the one question you can absolutely count on from prospective employers is, “What experience do you have?”  Experience?  I just graduated from college!


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Bob Sells, founder of the Sells Agency and father to our CEO, Mike Sells.


Earlier this summer we welcomed our 2017 Career Clarity Summer Intern, Caroline, to the team! She is working in our Public Relations department alongside PR masterminds Ginger Daril and Matt Ramsey, gaining hands-on experience in the marketing world. Here's what she had to say about her first weeks with the Sells Agency.


Well, here I am, halfway through my internship, and I’ve discovered the true nature of PR. The truth came by way of a hundred-pound Great Dane named Remy, who, caked in mud, whacked me in the shins chasing after a tennis ball.


For the third and final blog post of my internship, I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned and how this internship has changed my thoughts, not only about PR, but about working in general. I learned much more than I can possibly put into a short blog, so here are just a few of the biggest takeaways.


First Financial Bank of El Dorado has expanded its retail banking footprint, with the introduction of its first full-service bank branch in the Little Rock market.