11.05.2019 Blog

Instagram Releases New Tips for Sharing Engaging Instagram Stories

Instagram recently published a set of creative tips to help brands better utilize Instagram Stories. The tips are aimed at helping businesses create engaging, interactive Stories that will make followers stop and pay attention.

We already know that Instagram Stories are a great way to reach your audience and, based on leaked audio of Mark Zuckerberg talking to his Facebook employees, we now have reason to believe Stories will be even more important. Zuckerberg shared that, in response to the threat of TikTok (a video-sharing social media app), they’ll be making changes to Instagram, including making the Explore tab more focused on Stories. So, if your brand hasn’t focused on Instagram Stories yet as a tool for reaching your audience, it’s time to start thinking through a Stories strategy.

On their business blog, Instagram shared a step-by-step guide for creating playful Stories that your audience will love. Their tips include ideas for Story content, like taking behind-the-scenes, “unfiltered” video of the day-to-day at your offices, sharing customers’ stories, and using photos and videos to tell the story behind your brand. Want to make your Story more colorful? Their tips cover different ways to creatively incorporate color in your Stories, including color blocking, color matching, and giving your text a shadow effect so it stands out. Or, if you’re looking for audience interaction, the blog has tips for that, too. You can make your Stories more engaging by using Instagram’s many sticker options, like the countdown to create buzz around events, and polls to get direct opinions and feedback from your customers.

You can see the full blog with tons of Stories tips on the company’s Business blog. You’ll leave feeling inspired to make the most out of your Instagram Stories.

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