07.19.2018 Blog

New Instagram Features your Brand Should be Using

Like most social media platforms, Instagram is constantly changing. The company introduces new features frequently to keep users interested and expand the ways people can use it.

In the last month alone, Instagram has introduced several new features that have users (and marketers) talking. We’ve made a list of the biggest new features Instagram just launched and explain how they can help your brand.

Instagram Questions

Instagram Stories just took engagement to a new level with the Question sticker, which allows users to take question submissions from followers. You place the sticker on a video or photo in your Insta story, and your followers simply type a question in the text box and hit ‘Send.’ It’s as simple as it sounds and is easily one of the most buzzed-about new features.

This feature has a lot of fans and a lot of foes, depending on who you ask. As an agency, we love the opportunity it presents for our clients to get their followers to interact and engage more than ever. One key tip: Make sure you have time to sit down and actually answer the questions that come in. There’s nothing worse than leaving fans’ or customers’ questions unanswered.


One of the new features that shakes things up is IGTV, Instagram’s attempt to get users to create and upload long-form video content. Brands and individuals alike can house video content on IGTV, though only vertical videos are allowed. This stands out from other video platforms, for sure.

One benefit is that it means users can create, edit, and upload videos for IGTV from their phone, making it more accessible to brands of all sizes. No giant production budget necessary. If your brand has been looking for a place to house recurring, long-form videos in an attempt to reach current and new followers - IGTV might be right for you.

Music Stickers

Users can now add a music sticker to their Instagram story that showcases part of a selected song. You can choose from thousands of songs and use music to add some fun to your Instagram story posts - all without ever leaving the Instagram app. Hmm...We’re starting to wonder if that’s Instagram’s goal…

From new long-form video content to songs on your Instagram story, Instagram knows how to keep people interested. Which is likely why they announced in June that they reached 1 billion monthly active users.

For most brands, Instagram is a great fit for expanding ways to reach your audience. 80% of users report following a business on Instagram and an estimated 71% of US businesses use Instagram, according to Sprout Social. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you utilize Instagram to achieve your brand’s marketing goals, feel free to reach out today!