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[NOT A REAL] NEWS RELEASE: Meet our Intern!


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Kat de Sonnaville
Sells Agency Summer Intern
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Sells Agency Hires A Summer Intern

Kat de Sonnaville Jumps into the Advertising World with Both Feet 

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (June 20, 2019) – There’s a new intern in Fayetteville who’s almost as passionate about Sells Agency as Charlie is about his mustache. Some might say she’s the Kat’s pajamas.

Kat de Sonnaville, a senior at the University of Arkansas, joined the Fayetteville office on June 3. She is the agency’s only intern this summer, but she plans to bring a whole team of ideas to the table over the next six weeks. So far, she has already visited Sells Agency’s Little Rock office, joined Charlie for client meetings, and written a news release.

“I chose to work at Sells Agency this summer because I wanted to build my knowledge of agency life while working with mentors who will shape me into the working professional I hope to be someday,” de Sonnaville said. “Plus, these are just fun people.”

The summer intern is most excited to learn more about client relations, the ins-and-outs of PR, and how to track information through data analytics.

Kat is from Tulsa, Okla., but would like everyone to know she is not a fan of Oklahoma football. She enjoys playing tennis and watching the Cubs in her free time.

Kat is majoring in journalism with an emphasis in advertising/PR and a minor in Spanish. She previously worked for the University of Arkansas College of Engineering undergraduate and graduate recruitment office, where she created an extensive mailing campaign. Kat has also revamped the College of Engineering website to make it more accessible to both undergrad and graduate students.

Starting in August, Kat will be the Advertising Club president at the University of Arkansas, so if anyone reading this would like to come and speak some wisdom into Kat or her peers, she would be extremely grateful!

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