Fayetteville Welcomes the World

Client: Experience Fayetteville

A UCI World Championship is an honor that few cities globally have the privilege of hosting. Experience Fayetteville, the destination marketing organization for Fayetteville, Arkansas, held the historic sporting event that would put the city front and center on the world stage of cycling from January 27-30, 2022, drawing thousands of cyclists, spectators, media and volunteers from around the globe.

The Walmart UCI 2022 Cyclo-cross World Championships was only the second time in 73 years for the sport’s pinnacle event to be held on U.S. soil. Such a unique opportunity required a unique reporting vehicle that Experience Fayetteville could use to take stakeholders on a look-back ride starting from the event’s conception in 2018 to final execution in 2022.

The Sells Agency developed a comprehensive report that used vibrant photography to visually chronicle the excitement of both the World Cup and the World Championships alongside engaging narrative to share details including:

  • 219 cyclists
  • 21 nations represented
  • 17,500 total attendance
  • 500+ volunteers
  • 150+ media representatives
  • 10,440 pounds of waste diverted from landfill

The 2022 Walmart UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships report was presented by Experience Fayetteville CEO Molly Rawn to the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission in April 2022. WATCH HERE.

Click here to view the full report.