Moving on Up to River Market Tower

Client: River Market Tower


River Market Tower, an upscale community in downtown Little Rock, came to us with a need for strategies to sell their remaining condominiums. And when we say these are upscale, we’re underselling. You know when you’re watching a movie that’s set in NYC, and the main character is like a journalist or book editor, and then there’s a scene where he/she is sitting in their spacious, modern living room, and you’re like “how do they afford a place that awesome?” River Market Tower is like that.


  • Increase awareness of River Market Tower condominiums to downtown residents and potential buyers


After doing a deep dive into River Market Tower’s past marketing efforts and researching their target audience, we developed the following strategies and tactics:

1. Lifestyle Photography/Video

  • Enhance the portrayal of River Market Tower’s building, community and the River Market District (i.e. restaurants, shopping, amenities, dogs, pictures of residents, testimonials, etc.) through photography and, possibly, video elements
  • This content will then be used extensively in our marketing materials, including social media, website and digital advertising pieces.

2. Website

  • Create more content to enhance and showcase the River Market Tower’s lifestyle/brand through copy, images and video
  • More prominently display and feature available inventory
  • Implement and install a dedicated marketing/sales phone number

3. Social Media Marketing

  • Develop a content calendar for all social media channels – Facebook & Instagram
  • Set up social media monitoring across all channels (i.e. comments, reviews, engagement)
  • Improve frequency of content on social media properties
  • Enhance portrayal of lifestyle by featuring regular and consistent content around what it's like to live in River Market Tower and in the River Market neighborhood

4. Digital Marketing

  • Purchase digital advertising on select real estate sites where homebuyers are searching for homes

5. Paid Search

  • Purchase, place and manage a paid search campaign on Google and Bing for select keywords


You ready for this? Over HALF of the remaining inventory sold in just one year!


Creative Development; Copywriting; Media Planning; Media Buying; Digital Marketing