Meet Vanny the Fayettevan!

Client: Experience Fayetteville

Believed to be the state’s first mobile visitor center, “Vanny” as Experience Fayetteville staff affectionately refers to it, was developed as an asset to help Experience Fayetteville amplify its marketing message and further position the city as a vibrant, forward-thinking place to live, work and play. Vanny sets Fayetteville apart from other destination marketing organizations and is another tool in the Experience Fayetteville toolkit that makes the organization a go-to resource for enhancing a Fayetteville experience while its happening or for planning future visits.

In addition to designing the wrap that gives Vanny it’s uniquely modern, yet retro vibe, The Sells Agency also guided functionality discussions that led to a final vehicle with such features as:

  • Video screens
  • Solar panels to power the video displays
  • Concession style window for passing out everything from visitors guides to local fare and craft beers to branded t-shirts and cups
  • Secure shelving to store Experience Fayetteville merchandise

Fayetteville residents and guests can expect to see Vanny at special events ranging from festivals and conferences to sporting events and attractions around Northwest Arkansas and beyond. Follow Vanny on Experience Fayetteville’s social media channels #fayettevan.